5 Day Club

What is it. . .

During the summer CEF holds 5 day clubs, similar to a vacation Bible School. The club meets for 90 minutes on five consecutive days in homes, parks, backyards, day care centers, or wherever you find children. Each day the children hear a Bible lesson, learn Bible verses, listen to an inspiring missionary story, play games, and most importantly, hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.

Who leads it. . .

Most of the 5-Day Clubs are taught by trained teens from Middle School through College. However, Adults, and more specifically, school teachers are also welcome to join in volunteering. Local training known as Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) takes place at the beginning of each summer. 

Host families are always needed for clubs in the summer. If you would like to host a club this summer in your home or backyard, please contact us by phone or e-mail.  Or if you know of a day care that would like to host a club,  call or e-mail us with the information. Thanks for your help!